Miles Borrero
from Kula Yoga Project NYC visits JPCY for 2 unmissable workshops

Miles has has probably spent more time on her hands in the last few years than she has on her feet.  This turn of events has had deeply positive effects on her spirit and mood and she believes it might affect you in just that way!  Changing your perspective is a sacred tool for keeping the mind, soul and body open. The basic human right to move in ways you never thought you could can merge into the richest space of quiet, uncovering the depth of our essence. The sweet spot- that moment of balance- is the purest expression of joy and calm. Miles was born in Brazil, raised in Colombia, and is a Master of the Fine Arts, ex-rocker, harmonium hugger, horseback rider, climber, skateboarder, filmmaker, jedi, transformer, shape shifter, yogi and peaceful activist. Miles is currently a full time teacher in NYC working at Kula and Pure Yoga. She leads retreats and teacher trainings both here and internationally and has been featured in many publications including Om Yoga and Mantra Magazines.

Heart Over Head with Miles Borrero

Fri, 10/24   6:15-8:15pm

Backbends can be scary and intense as we unsheathe our hearts and drop into the space behind us- the unknown. So they make a dynamic playmate for inversions which require courage and a sense of playfulness and unknowing. In these practices we are truly and actively learning to surrender because ultimately they don’t allow us to control much. Join us for a smoldering inversions and back bending practice. We will play with a challenging, creative flow to warm up the body in a way that is organic and mindful so that the back bends and inversions feel delicious, whether you are building them from the ground up or playing with dropping them back. The flow will be accompanied by sweet chants on the harmonium. You may walk out a bit lighter and more available. It’s a risky proposition, but might be worth it. ALL LEVELS welcome!

Hands Down: Arm Balances with Miles Borrero

Sat, 10/25   12:30-2:30pm

If you are newer to spending time on your hands or are having trouble catching the balance, or even if it scares you, come! Arm balances have more to do with balance and alignment than strength. Much like any building or piece of architecture, if you stack the bones up properly and create a good foundation, the rest will follow because it has to. It will be like the A-Z of arm balancing. We will break them down starting with crow and moving through the canon. There might even be some wild and less known arm balances to catch along the way, you never know what can happen. We will explore fun, safe, aligned ways to begin or continue what you’ve already started. There is nothing more refreshing than what artists call “breaking your eye” and getting to see things, literally, from a new perspective. 

$35/workshop, get both for $60

Georgia Reath brings Blue Light Yoga to JP!

Sunday, 11/9 1-3pm,  $25 

Boston’s own Georgia Reath makes a special appearance at JPCY!  Georgia is known for her flow classes with a strong emphasis on alignment. Her smart,creative and authentic sequences are challenging yet accessible. Through the use of repetition, pranayama (or control of the breath), bandhas (or internal locks), groovy tunes, and with a deep respect for the cleansing power of sweat, her classes are designed to ease her students into a transformative space where she lovingly encourages and guides them across boundaries into unknown territory. Georgia tries hard to acknowledge and honor all transitions that occur in her classes, whether in physical poses, state of minds, or state of beings. Her intention is for students to learn and find inspiration in every class. In addition to being a certified yoga teacher, Georgia is a Columbia University trained mental health counselor, an adoring wife, and an ever-loving and ever-grateful mama.

Aligning with the Stars

In this two-hour workshop, we will explore our experiences and perspectives of familiar asanas with the intention of finding new perspectives and reactions.  After a 20 minute flow to create heat, we will breakdown the alignment of six postures including trikonasana, parsvottanasana, parivritta trikonasana, janu sirsana, setu bandhasana and shalabasana as a means to provide one with a broad base of knowledge that can be applied in any posture.  We will begin with outlining the universal alignment of each pose and then turn to the objective of letting go of how a pose should look or feel, and instead, search for a more authentic alignment where one finds a sense of ease and healing.  We will move through intensity, resistance, and injuries to find space, clarity and peace.  We will discuss the importance of finding a sustainable practice, listening to our sat guru (inner teacher), negotiating opposing energies that hold a posture together and the benefit of taking these ideas beyond the mat.



Danny Arguetty

visits Saturday and Sunday 11/15-16 to offer 2 incredible Workshop experiences!

Danny Arguetty has studied and practiced extensively in the Kripalu, Anusara and Vinyasa approach to yoga. He was a regular faculty member in Kripalu’s basic and advanced teacher trainings between 2006-2011 and has since been mostly on the road leading teacher trainings around the US and India. His book Nourishing the Teacher: Inquiries, Insights, and Contemplations on the Path of Yoga, is a resource for effective use of yoga
philosophy, themes and dynamic language while teaching yoga. Danny continues to dedicate his time to further study with his primary teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks, one of the leading scholars on Tantra in the West.
The History of Yoga & Insights of Tantra Sunday 11/16 2:30-5:30pm, $30 
Like so many other spiritual traditions yoga has evolved and grown through centuries of evolution. Embark on an historical tour of yoga philosophy, culminating with the revolutionary vision of the Tantric Tradition. In this stimulating workshop you will: 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key differences of the primary time periods in the evolution of yoga. (Vedas, Classical, Advata Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism Bhakti, and Shakta)
  • Contemplate the unique Tantric concepts of ultimate freedom, evolving perfection, the power of community, infinite abundance, and eternal motion and the play of concealment and revelation
  • Explore the role of desire, the ego, and illusion from a Tantric point of view
  • Integrate these teachings through a creative and dynamic asana flow
  • Cultivate practical tools to skillfully take back into your inquiry of day-to-day living.


Inner Quest: A day long workshop for men who love men Saturday 11/15 11:30am-9pm,  $99

No prior experience in yoga needed to attend.

Through IQ Immersion you will:

  • Learn about the science of awareness and cultivate conscious response vs. mindless reaction to life 
  • Utilize specific techniques to increase self-worth and step into your power 
  • Explore your multi-dimensional self including body, breath/energy, mind/emotions, and intuitive wisdom
  • Dive into the three primary pillars of Positive Psychology and plant seeds for true happiness and fulfillment 
  • Practice conscious communication to speak your truth, listen actively, and reduce interpersonal drama 
  • Reawaken your inner child, let go of taxing seriousness, and have fun!!!

Through time-honored techniques gathered from Yoga, Coaching, Ancient Cultures, and the Wisdom of Nature, Inner Quest facilitates a rich voyage of self-discovery.


Gong Healing with Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditation

With Carolyn Little

Saturday, November 22, 4-6pm.

A restorative class themed around the connection of the heart, Anahata chakra, and the third eye, Ajna chakra. During class Chris Sturk will be sharing the sounds of the gong with specific frequencies to raise the vibrational state of these two chakras, connecting heart, mind, and intuition. These soundscapes are sonic environments used for relaxation, meditation and healing.
Chris Sturk uses sacred sound tools, deep listening, and intention for creative soundscapes to move energy and release barriers.

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NADA YOGA:  On the first Sunday of each month we invite a new artist to play as you practice in our Flow and Restore evening class. As with all our F&R classes, expect to move your body through a slow flowing vinyasa for the first half of class, then winding down into deeply relaxing and restorative poses for closing.
Regular class rates or memberships apply.

November 2nd:

Join Daniel Orlansky on didgeridoo and electronics, and Stan Strickland on saxophone, flute, and percussion, as they create a sound environment that is both ethereal and of the earth. Meditative, and calling to the soul’s highest longing, their music will help remove stress and unnecessary tension, helping the student to move more deeply into effortless flow and restorative relaxation.

December 7th:

Jason Cohen is back playing the hang, accordion, percussion and singing. Jason will lead some sacred songs/chanting at the end of class.


New Year’s Eve, Midnight Magic:
Flow and Meditation

December 31st into January 1st, 10PM- 12:05AM,
You are cordially invited to our annual fabulous New Year’s Eve yoga celebration. The festivities begin with a sweaty All Levels flow, followed by a silent, centering meditation to welcome in the new year.

$30 (adv), $35 (Day of)
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The Art of Introspection & Intent:
New Years Day Yoga

Combining elements of vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga, Ame will guide you through a grounding sequence aimed at calming the nervous system and cultivating quiet space. Throughout class you will be encouraged to reflect on the practices of the year before and create intentions for the year to come, coupling asana with reflection and meditation.

$30 (adv), $35 (Day of)
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FREE  Runners  Alignment  Clinic
First Sunday of Each Month, 12-12:30pm

Just prior to Yoga For Runners (weekly at 12:45,) the goal of this 30 minute session is toprovide information about optimal running alignment.  Form in running is as important as form in yoga. Incorporating proper foot-strike, stabilizing posture, purposeful use of the arms and legs, stride length, and optimal breathing are some of the components involved in form. The bio-mechanics of running will be deconstructed in this free runners clinic.

Class is lead by Owen Kendall, founder of Forest Hills Runners.


Move. Flow. Dance. 

New Saturday workshop series with Carey McKinley 

First 3 Saturdays in October,  Oct. 4,11,18,  1:30-3:00pm

This is a dance class with a strong yoga flair. Learn flow sequences and new movements, built on the foundation of breath. Open, close, push, yield, twist, fold, sway and more. Step off the mat and move through sequences 3-dimensionally. Experience yoga through the art of dance. 
JP resident, Carey McKinley is an inter-disciplinary artist with a classical dance background. She has extensive training and practice in classical ballet, modern and post-modern dance, yoga, Pilates, improvisation, composition, and partnering acrobatics. Her studies and practice in Iyengar Yoga with Janet Lilly, Irene Dowd Sequences, Floor Barre with Marcus Schulkind, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Pilates and dance all inform this class.
$15 walk-in or use your JPCY membership. All levels welcome. Bring socks, long yoga pants, and a long sleeves 2nd layer.